· also known as “software” keyboards or “soft”


computer keyboard is one of the primary input devices used with a computer that looks similar to those found
on electric typewriters, but with some additional keys. Keyboards allow you to
input letters, numbers, and other symbols into a computer that can serve as commands or be used
to type text.

QWERTY keyboard layout

Below is a closer up image of a
QWERTY computer keyboard with each of the keys selectable. Hover over any of
the keys below to see a description of the key and click any of the keys to
open a new page with full details about the key.


Keyboard Types:



Flexible Keyboards




Why is the keyboard an input

A computer keyboard is considered
an input device because it only sends data to a computer and does not receive any
information back.


Keyboard ports and

Today, most desktop computer keyboards connect to
the computer using either USB or Bluetooth for wireless communication. Before USB, a
computer may have used PS/2, Serial, or AT (Din5) as a keyboard interface.



On Screen Keyboards

Touch Screen Keyboards


An onscreen keyboard is a software-based keyboard that is
available in most operating systems, especially Microsoft Windows, and in other
applications. An onscreen keyboard allows users to type text using a joystick
or a pointing device. Apart from improving input options for users who are
physically challenged, it also serves as an alternative to a physical
keyboard.Onscreen keyboards are also known as “software” keyboards or “soft”

An onscreen keyboard displays a virtual keyboard on the screen for
users to enter input. It can be operated with the help of any pointing device
such as a mouse, pen, joystick, etc. The keyboard is often resizable and
customizable, allowing the typing mode, font, etc., to be changed as needed. In
certain onscreen keyboards, especially those from Windows 7 and later versions,
they are equipped with a predictive text engine, which helps in predicting the
words the users may type.

However, as typing on an onscreen keyboard is slower and more
difficult than on a physical keyboard, most onscreen keyboards feature
predictive text input.

An on-screen keyboard is an application which provides
a visual keyboard on your display screen that can be used in place of a
physical keyboard. The On-Screen Keyboard can be manipulated by the mouse or
other pointing device and can be configured in three layouts;

101 keys display (standard keyboard)

102 keys display (an extra backslash)

106 keys display (extra characters useful for
typing Japanese).






Touch Screen Keyboard is not a
standalone program. It has two new keyboard types: alphabetic and
alpha-numeric. These changes were made to further emphasize the comfort of
using Keyboard on touch screen devices.


The alphabetic layout
supports all the languages installed in your system (when you change the input
language, the layout on the on-screen keyboard changes as well).




The alpha-numeric layout
enables you to type numbers and 35 other characters: arithmetic signs,
brackets, currency symbols, etc.




Screen Keyboard has several default features that accelerate and facilitate
typing on a touch screen. For instance, the program will automatically add a
space and press Shift after a period. If you press a key on a touch screen, you
will see a small tooltip window with the corresponding character in the area
not covered with your finger. 
You can also use for your touch-screen any of the 70 keyboard layouts included
in the installation package.